25.08.2011 – Area of light

I was just wasting time at home and this lamp is actually aimed at the bunk above me.


23.08.2011 – Batery change

My cars battery died on this day and I had to get a mechanic to give me a hand to attach his portable startup battery to my car to get it to his workshop and get a new one put in. We had tried to jump start it with two other cars and cables but according to the mechanic, those cables were too thin. This was my adventure of the day 😀

20.08.2011 – Tower Face

On the day of the wedding there was a photo shoot session at a hotel which was really a kind of castle. Just out of sheer coincidence I saw this constellation of holes as a face, a classic case of apophenia. Naturally there are numerous photos of the wedding itself but this is just one that I felt like posting as I still have to get round to organizing the photos from 4 different cameras on my laptop.

19.08.2011 – Burning Bowl

This was at like 3 in the morning after a few beers, the father of a friend who was getting married that weekend invited me to try a Quemada. A mixture of hard liquor, coffee beans and apple slices and all this set alight for a while. To this there is usually a traditional chant aimed at chasing away the evil demons. It was a great night 😀