MBA day 2

In the pages 11 to 20 the book finishes up the introduction by mentioning that the representatives of the different disciplines will argue that their sector is the most important of them all.
It also gives further advice on how to use the book efficiently.

Next comes the introduction to accounting with its definition, ground rules and limitations as well as a couple of examples to help the understanding of all the aspects covered.


30 day MBA

Yesterday I started reading the book “The 30 day MBA” by Colin Barrow together with my girlfriend (you can also follow her at Chios 30 Day Challenges). As the title so helpfully incites, we are planning to get through its 300 pages in 30 days meaning that every day we must advance 10 pages.

As a way of recording the progress I plan on making a summary every day to also make sure I understand all I read.

Summary p 1-10
What Colin tries to get accross in what is the introductory section is mainly that to obtain the knowledge of an MBA, you don’t need to attend a buisness school as all of the information is freely available on the net and in books. He also promises to give the links and directions to tgese throughout the book.
Mainly what I got out of it was that unless you go to a buisness school that ranks among the top 100, you might as well do it from home.

Thats it for day 1.