Ages Since Posting

I originally started this blog as a way of keeping myself motivated to do heaps of interesting stuff and push myself to new experiences. Funny thing is, as I did all of this I started to do that more than posting about it (which I will argue is a good thing :P).

In the meantime I have started a new blog on how to windsurf and left behind the one on how to improve brain power. I did however notice a very useful thing which I will be sure to implement for my new site. That is that the Facebook page that I created for the site has not stopped growing despite not touching it at all in more than three months. I haven’t posted anything, I have done no promotion, nothing. It still grows by about 30 new followers each week. It only took an investment of about $50 to build up a certain presence and that’s it. I will definitely incorporate this for my windsurfing blog soon also at some point.

I have been in Australia for nearly 8 months last year working as a naval architect and come back when I realized that it is in fact a little too far away for me to live. All the people that are important to me shouldn’t be more than 5 hours flight, more that 2000€ in flight costs and a couple of days of jet lag away. The time there was pretty epic. I met a lot of great people both in the workplace and in the hostel and got heaps of experience in my field of engineering. On the downside I didn’t really get to see much of Australia since I was mostly working so I still have an interest on going back to go sightseeing.

The latest thing I must update is my new goal for February. I am planning to run a 5km race on the 1st of February and a triathlon on the 28th. All my life I have been a sprinter. I was the fastest in my class at the 100m sprint but once it got to running longer distances I would get winded in no time. When I did kick-boxing and judo I would start of really well but after about 2 minutes into the fight my performance would decline swiftly. So now my objective as the next step in bettering myself is to take part and complete a race which will push my stamina. Once these two challenges are completed, the ultimate goal is to take on a Tough Mudder.

My training started today. My girlfriend and I got up to start our run at 6:30 and do a 30 minute run. I started off well enough. I usually falter after 10 minutes when my breath goes short, my lungs start to burn and I start to get stitches. However, it took 20 mins today before the first uncomfortable stab started to appear in the vicinity of my pancreas. A short while after that my hip would start to feel a little strange but heck, I kept going. The most painful thing was the last stretch. Not just because it was the end of the run but because it is a steep hill leading up to the flat. It felt like I was taking baby steps, hardly advancing. My right side was starting to ache from the stitches and worst of all, the thing that has always limited me the most: the air that was going into my lung felt so cold it caused my brain to feel like it was freezing and my lungs feel like they were burning up.

However, I got there. Winded and exhausted but with a first step made. Wednesday has already been set aside for swimming. Now it is just a matter of maintaining consistency.


Breakthrough visits to my site

Two days had a breakthrogh with my site on how to improve brain power. I broke through the 100 visitors per day mark, with 203 visitors! And followed by 209 visitors the next day!
I have to say I am pretty stoked about this. As it was a a radical jump from a 5 day slump, I wanted to know the reason for this sudden boost in visits as before the lull I wouldn’t get more than 50 visitors on any given day. I checked on Rank Tracker which is the program I use to monitor the position my site has for a given keyword. Usually all that comes up is the values for the Google results but now, one of the keyword I target has also obtained rakings on Yahoo and Bing. They weren’t as high as those on Google but it seems to have done the trick.
I have been keeping track of my progress since I launched the site and I will post tge graph soon to ilustrate the correlation between search engine ranking and visits to my site.

Back in Google Rankings

Finally my site has regained high Google rankings. It is still not in the top 10 as I would like but it has reached place 18 which means I do not have much to go anymore.
I am also editing and reviewing the ebook I hope to be selling through Clickbank however not as an affiliate for someone else but promoting my own product. I just have to sort out a decent internet connection to get it all sorted out although that might have to wait until I get to Australia. Until then we will see if my rank in Google searches for How to Improve Brain Power increases and if the adsense and ZOX Pro affiliate links have any success.

Backlinging Strategy: Article Marketing

It has become obvious to me over the last few weeks that having links to your site through articles that have been posted on other site is one of the most effective methods there is. I have since the launching of my website How to Improve Brain Power been publishing other articles on EzineArticles and other article directories that give the option to link back to your site as long as it is relevant to the content you are publishing.

I also intend to do this with my second site Tenerife Rent a Car in order to get it up there on the first page of Google’s search results. I have recently come across where you can register for free and they take a snippet of the article you wish to send out into the www and give you the option to edit it as much as necessary so as to not count as duplicate content. They then submit that content and its many variations to article directories that allow a link back to your site.

There are three stages of their service, the free one allowing you to submit one article article with one link per day. There are two more paid offers which obviously allow you to post more frequently and with more links per article but for now this option looks good to me.

I am currently testing its service and will keep you posted. If you want to give it a try also you can check them out at

Doing the Google Dance

I did not know this but apparently it is normal to disappear from the rankings of Google for a while after having appeard up there among the top 30. Since yesterday I have a little concerned about the site how to improve brain power not even being in the top 100 list. However, after browsing about in the forums a little I was assured that this happens at the beginning of every page. I will be able to confirm whether this is true or not when my other site Tenerife Rent a Car gets some backlinks and starts appearing on Googles search rankings. Until then I will continue my backlinking strategy and see what happens.

Making Money with Google Adsense

The day has finally come! I checked into my Google Adsense account today and was surprised to find a number 1 standing next to the section entitled “clicks”. Sure, after going along the row I saw that this was equivalent to no more than 4 €cents but it is a milestone nonetheless!
For me it is a little confirmation that the site has the potential to make money. From now on I am interested on how the CTR (click through rate) increases as I go up the Google search ranks. I am also looking forward to see the first affilate sale.
I will keep you posted. If you have any advice on what I can do to improve the sites performance or how to rise in the Google search ranking, please leave a comment below.

Earning money online

Last month I received an e-mail from the blog of Yaro Starak which I subscribed to a few months back. In it was an interview he did together with Adam Short of Niche Profit Classroom. For those who don’t know what niche marketing is, it is the setting up of a blog or website that targets a specific keyword that has a high search volume in Google but has low competition. The idea then is to get high rankings so that many people find your site view the ads on it and buy your product.
I enrolled in the two weeks testing period and created a site from one of the packs that he offers new with every month. I registered a domain name at NPC Domains called and set up the website together with the Google Adsense slots.

I have done the backlinking strategies provided by Adam Short and am currently ranked 31 on Google for the keyword “how to improve brain power” and on place 72 for “improve brain power”. It has been two weeks since I started applying the methods but it is true that some articles that I posted to have not been accepted yet so lets see what this provides.

I am now going to focus on press releases and more articles marketing to make it to the top 10 on Google. My other though is to switch this site from Adsense orientated to affiliate marketing to see what difference it makes. Up until now I have not made any money from the Adsense ads.

I have also registered a domain name for and for that I think the Adsense will be more efficient. I will keep you all posted to see what  good this brings me.